De-cluttering Rules

When Jill and I were packing up the house in Minneapolis we were amazed at how much stuff we had accumulated.  In the course of packing, we got rid of 6 car/truck loads of stuff.  We resolved to pair down more and more over time - and defined these three rules for doing so: 1. Out by default.  When packing, imagine that everything is automatically out and that you are selecting a subset of your stuff to include.  This rule served us well during the move, particularly when we were packing … [Read more...]

Accidental Stay-At-Home Mom

Two days old. So here's the deal. When Jaye was born, I accidentally became a stay at home mom. I've never wanted to stay at home full-time. When I was pregnant, I used to worry that I'd change my mind and want to become a stay at home mom. Phil would reassure me that if I changed my mind, I'd want to stay at home, so I'd be happy doing it. But it wasn't much reassurance. One month old. I feel like staying at home full time just doesn't fit with my personality. The … [Read more...]

Summertime Goals: Updated

After school finished, I posted two lists of goals and tasks for the summer, here and here.  At the time it seemed like May would never end and summer would last forever. Now, suddenly, I find it's almost June. I had what seemed to be a stress dream the other night about not being ready for the baby. So I thought I'd go over the lists again and note my progress and maybe reprioritize.Outdoors:-Pick up sticks from front yard. This could be an eternal, ongoing task, but I did do it.-Remove front … [Read more...]

Summertime: Goals, Part 2

A room-by-room list of tasks. I, of course, don't expect them all to get done, but I like to make lists. Living Room: -Paint ceiling. -Vacuum snuggler and couch. -Dust bookshelves. -Dust baseboards. -Dust frames. -Dust media stand. -Wash windows and door. -Wash curtains. -Reorganize and declutter bookshelves. -Sweep. -Mop. Dining Room: -Dust frames. -Dust baseboards. -Rehang picture. -Clean out itso. -Wash windows. -Dust itso and … [Read more...]

Summertime: Goals, Part 1

I know summer will feel like it just flew by when it's over, and I will wonder, "What did I do all summer?" I made lists in my favorite notebook of the goals I have for each room of the house and in a couple of other categories as well.Law School:-Work for Davis.-Work for bankruptcy judge.-Send out applications to bankruptcy judges in Dallas.-Attend Law Review meetings and work on that as needed.Pregnancy:-Exercise every day-either yoga or at least 30 minutes walking.-Practice Hypnobabies every … [Read more...]