Our New Home: Living Room

The living room was the second room I started to seriously focus on. We spend the most time in it, and I had a good idea of where I was going with it. I wanted it to be put together by Jaye's birthday party, which was only a little more than a month after we moved in. But I think I made it, don't you? The low white benches are hand-me-downs from my sister Lillian. Her room is getting a little upgrade now that she's starting high school. I love that they provide toy storage as well as a low … [Read more...]

How to Save $10,000

You could save $10,000 right now by buying our house. As of last night, our house is $10,000 cheaper.So if any of your friends, or enemies, or anyone you know, or don't know, is looking for an awesome house in an awesome location in South Minneapolis at an awesome price, please click here to check it out officially or here for my own home tour posts. … [Read more...]

Layout Changes: Living Room

Here's our dining room when we first moved in. This was the view of our house from when you first come in. This half of the dining room has pretty much stayed the same the entire time we've lived here until now. To the left of the front door, we used to have this set up with the Itso storage and this chair. But we never used it and so eventually moved the snuggler chair here from the blue room. We found we used it a lot more then. On the wall between the windows, we've always had these wooden … [Read more...]

On to the next holiday

The weekend after Thanksgiving we had a little holiday change-up. I'm very strict about not putting one holiday up before the current one is over (i.e. Christmas decor before Thanksgiving), so we decorated the weekend after Thanksgiving. I was eager to get it up early since we'll be leaving town for Christmas pretty early this year (me on the 15th, and Phil on the 17th). The artificial tree looks so sad and pathetic when you set it up, but it cleans up nicely with lights and ornaments. Even … [Read more...]

The Little Project that Took a Year

Last Christmas, I bought Phil two prints from Etsy.  I loved them (and I think he did too). They show the same scene in the daytime and at night of a girl riding her bike along the Mississippi River underneath the Hennepin Avenue bridge in downtown Minneapolis.  Only the day scene is happy and cheerful: the sun is grinning, a fish is leaping from the water, and a couple with a baby stroller walks across the bridge. The night scene is downright sinister: the sun has a moustache and a pistol, … [Read more...]