Three Pretty Good Things: Thursday

1. Happy Valentine's Day! I found this beautiful bouquet on the kitchen table when I came home from studying today. Only one lily is blooming right now and the kitchen already smells fabulous. Phil got the lilies because I'd mentioned in Sunday how good they smelled in church. 2. The lucky Bar Exam pencil has come full circle. I first included a pack of these pencils in Laura's Bar Exam Survival Kit. Maureen was the next of our triumvirate to take the Bar so Laura passed them on to her. Now … [Read more...]

Dadda is the best because

Dadda and Jaye like to play a little crazy in the evenings. Mama likes to watch and laugh at how ridiculous Phil looks. And swoon over what a great man I married. … [Read more...]


Sunday was a big day. I graduated from law school! After three long hard years and one long boring ceremony, I got to walk across the stage and be done with law school forever! Jaye was really happy for me. Actually, she was mostly really interested in my hat.  My dad flew into town for the ceremony. And he was actually really happy for me. Phil was proud of me too. It was a good day full of proud feelings of accomplishment, some relief, and some disbelief that the day had finally … [Read more...]

The Hat with a Story

So there's this hat. It's a tan ballcap with a dark brown brim and the words Wood-Mizer in orange across the front. It's covered with dirt and paint splotches. It's Phil's hat. He wore it all the time in college. Phil and I during his senior year and my freshman year at Carleton. At one of the "brarkfests" that he and his roommates hosted several times a week. No Wood-Mizer hat in this picture, but it's still a funny picture of Phil and his roommates. A giant Thanksgiving dinner or … [Read more...]

Standing in the Light at the End of the Tunnel

The past few weeks have been rough. First, I had my big 50 page paper due on November first to fulfill my long paper requirement for school and for law review. It's done now! Second, on Saturday I took the MPRE, the required ethics exam for lawyers. I'm not sure how it went, but it's also done now!With those things out of the way, Phil and I had a great weekend: doing some work around the house (post on this is upcoming), watching Phil's favorite movie (Inglorious Basterds), smoking the … [Read more...]