House-Feel: Cozy Modern

House-feel, you know, like mouth-feel, that gross sounding term that fancy chefs and hoity-toities use to describe they way food feels in their mouth. Except for not at all. Because houses aren't for eating. But how do I want my house to feel? I want it to feel relaxing (which, for me, largely means uncluttered). I want it to feel fun and lived-in (which means toys are probably all over the floor). I want it to feel unstuffy (you can put your feet on my couch). I want it to be bright and … [Read more...]

This room would make me happy.

(from Apartment Therapy's color contest) … [Read more...]

Inspiration Edition: Dining Rooms and Disco Globes

(from Apartment Therapy)I love the combo of the old wood table with the modern colored chairs. I also think the disco balls are awesome. They'd bring a lot of light and fun and funky to the room. The caption said the homeowner makes them out of world globes he finds on ebay and used cds. I could do that. So cool. … [Read more...]

Inspiration Edition: Stairs

I found this picture in an old This Old House magazine and tore it out. I recently rediscovered it folded up in one of my bins.I love these stairs. I love the idea of wallpapering the risers, and I love the wall paper they chose here. They only thing I have to say is that I would either have painted the bannister white to match the steps or stained the steps to match the bannister. I probably would have done the latter, with them not matching, there's just a little too much going on for one … [Read more...]

Anti-Inspiration Edition

Just to change things up a bit, instead of a picture of a room I love, here's one that makes be barf. I absolutely abhor everything in this picture. I hate, hate, hate the dripping white down that dresser. I do not┬álike the horses head or the other pedestal things. I detest all of the paintings, and I don't care for the look of paintings leaning up against the wall. The wall color is a sickly shade, pretty much the shade of my face as I look at this room or (even worse) think about living in … [Read more...]