This Weekend (in pictures)

Phil found this beautiful flower randomly growing in our backyard. Any ideas what it's called? A friend introduced us to our latest iPhone game craze: Stunt Biker. Phil discovered that our stick biker friend had a pumpkin head in honor of fall. On Saturday, Phil and Jaye went to the library while I did some errands alone. I love doing errands alone. Saturday night, we celebrated Chris' 30th birthday with our friends Chris and Laura. We ate frozen pizza, red velvet cake, and ice cream. … [Read more...]

2011 Photobook: Check!

It took most of the next year, but I'm proud that it didn't take the entire year. I've completed our photobook for 2011. That means we'll have photobooks from 2002 until now. All the books are 8x8 square books from Shutterfly. 2002-2006 are combined into one 20 page book. 2008-2010 are a single 20 pager as well. Then there is 2007 with basically just wedding and honeymoon pictures. Finally, there are also two volumes of Baby Jaye on the Way. And the best part is: I don't think I paid for any of … [Read more...]

A Picture a Day: May

May was a busy month. I can't quite believe it's over already. The picture from the 1st was of a trip Jaye and I took to Once Upon a Child and that trip seems like it happened a million years ago. Other highlights: 3: My best friend Laura found out she passed the Texas Bar Exam 7: I saw these awesome canvas cactuses at Anthropologie (my new favorite store) and want to make some myself. 8: I turned in my last law school assignment! 12: Family trip to the playground. 14-15: Working on my … [Read more...]

Photoshoot and Photoshop

This post could be alternatively titled, "How to stage a photoshoot at Restoration Hardware." For Valentine's Day, I'd had this very specific image of a photo I wanted of Jaye. Her in her gorgeous pink dress in the perfect romantic chair with just the right feel. It was going to be awesome. The only problem was that I didn't own any such chair. But you know where such chairs do exist? In stores. So I dolled Jaye up and headed to the mall. We stopped at Crate and Barrel and Restoration … [Read more...]

A Picture a Day: April

March got skipped because Jaye deleted the app halfway through and lost the pictures (Babies love smartphones), but here's a mini picture glimpse into our April. … [Read more...]