Sunday was a big day. I graduated from law school! After three long hard years and one long boring ceremony, I got to walk across the stage and be done with law school forever! Jaye was really happy for me. Actually, she was mostly really interested in my hat.  My dad flew into town for the ceremony. And he was actually really happy for me. Phil was proud of me too. It was a good day full of proud feelings of accomplishment, some relief, and some disbelief that the day had finally … [Read more...]

The Beginning of the End

I'm a week and a half into my 4th semester of law school. At the beginning of this semester, I was halfway done. Whew. I'm pretty ready to be all the way done! This semester, I've got a lot going on!Classes:Administrative Law: I really like the professor, and I think the topic will be really useful. Several people who are real lawyers already have told me it's the class they use the most in real life.Constitutional Law, Liberties: Con Law is required, otherwise I probably wouldn't be taking it. … [Read more...]

Standing in the Light at the End of the Tunnel

The past few weeks have been rough. First, I had my big 50 page paper due on November first to fulfill my long paper requirement for school and for law review. It's done now! Second, on Saturday I took the MPRE, the required ethics exam for lawyers. I'm not sure how it went, but it's also done now!With those things out of the way, Phil and I had a great weekend: doing some work around the house (post on this is upcoming), watching Phil's favorite movie (Inglorious Basterds), smoking the … [Read more...]

Ack: An Update on Law School

This is the point of the semester where I just want to thud my head down on the desk. Unfortunately, it's mostly due to my own overachieving stupidity (see 3 through 5 below).Things on my plate:1. I just finished my second (and last thankfully) midterm. I had midterms in Con Law and Sales. I feel good about Sales. I feel good about Con Law too, but since it's a curved class my "goodness" all depends on how everyone else did.2. I have about 12 more pages to write on my long paper which is due … [Read more...]

My Third Semester in Law School

I started my second year and my third semester in law school in August. I'm one third of the way done! I've got a lot going on this semester. Classes:     Agency, LLCs, and Partnerships: The material in this class is really interesting, but Professor Hogg is worse than worthless. He drones on and on at the front of the classroom and doesn't even know what the holding/outcome of the case he's "teaching" is. Maureen, Laura, and I have already scheduled a time to start teaching ourselves the … [Read more...]