Two Weeks

I'll be done with law school in two weeks. Until then I'll be here. Or here. … [Read more...]

Life Update

We're looking at a busy next few months for our household. Big picture: I'll be graduating from law school; we'll become landlords for the first time; we'll become Texans; we'll celebrate Jaye's first year of life. Of course, there are a lot of little steps to get us to those four biggies. This weekend: I have my second to last class in law school ever. It's my last real class because my last class is a pizza party. After class, we'll jet down to Northfield for the rest of the day. Our … [Read more...]

Three Pretty Good Things: Law School

Around our house, it's fairly common to quote Talladega Nights. Often the line, "Those are three pretty good things" which Cal says to Ricky during the bar scene discussion where they meet the French race car driver.The conversation is in this clip starting around 3:36 minutes into the clip.So today, my three pretty good things are:1. I only have two full weeks of class left IN ALL OF LAW SCHOOL after this week. I graduate in 46 days!2. I don't have to take Advanced Advocacy after all! I had … [Read more...]

Getting Around to It.

On Monday, I start my final semester of law school. This week I've been busy with a semester's worth of work crammed into one week-long course. Both of these facts motivated me to get moving over the long New Year's weekend on a long, long overdue project: Jaye's nursery.Last summer, I'd made a couple of mood boards, here and here. Then I decided on one of them here. I ordered the prints I wanted, but that was about it. Until last weekend. When I spent pretty much every spare minute working on … [Read more...]

Two Years Down, One to Go

As of Wednesday evening, I'd completed my second year of law school! Whew. And hooray!It's felt so good to be done and stop thinking about school for a moment. I've been enjoying focusing more on home projects and of course, the big pregnancy project.This summer, I'll be working up to 20 hours a week total for two different jobs. I'm continuing to clerk for the bankruptcy judge I worked with this semester. I will also volunteering as a law clerk with a solo practitioner doing business law. So … [Read more...]