Our New Home: Living Room

The living room was the second room I started to seriously focus on. We spend the most time in it, and I had a good idea of where I was going with it. I wanted it to be put together by Jaye's birthday party, which was only a little more than a month after we moved in. But I think I made it, don't you? The low white benches are hand-me-downs from my sister Lillian. Her room is getting a little upgrade now that she's starting high school. I love that they provide toy storage as well as a low … [Read more...]

Awesomest Lamp Ever

Orange Deer Lamp

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new lamp. It's amazing. It's the awesomest lamp ever. It's so ME. And I love it. Our new living room has no overhead light, so I knew we'd need lamps. As I started out searching for lamps for the side tables, I was heading in a very different direction. A very unoriginal, typical direction, as I realized later. I was thinking we needed something soft and girlier and maybe more traditional to balance out all the rest of the modern. Something to add the cozy to my cozy … [Read more...]

And There Was Light

I mentioned earlier that a new light fixture was on the way for our living room. Well it arrived. And after several weeks of it sitting in its box on the living room floor, we enlisted the help of some a very generous friend, Chris, to help us get it installed. He's an electrical engineer; Phil is an HR data analyst. Guess who I wanted messing with electrical stuff in my house?They took down the old, dated ceiling fan. (You can also see the new neutral color our living room is.)And put up our … [Read more...]

Let There Be Light

Our living room is getting spiffed up. I ordered this spiffy light fixture for $65 from Overstock this evening to replace the dated ceiling fan and light fixture combo we've got going on right now.Live pictures of it to come once the handyman hangs it. I don't mess with electricity.  … [Read more...]