Jaye’s October

Dear Jaye, You are currently sitting in your bedroom floor, trying to work the zipper on your sleep sack. I just got you up from your nap. I can hear you breathing, slow and heavy in extreme concentration. You've been there for about ten minutes now. You are determined, but not frustrated. You seek out challenges. You love balls right now, and "bbbbuh" is the newest addition to your vocabulary. You especially love the NFL sized football, for two reasons. First, it's Daddy's ball. Second, it's … [Read more...]

Beach Trip 2012

We went to the beach awhile ago. It was so long ago that Jaye couldn't even walk yet. Like at the end of July. But here are pictures and videos finally. The very first evening we were at the beach. Jaye was in love instantly. Here's a video of her first encounter with the ocean. Loves it. We hung out with family. We dug a whole for Jaye and made her a sand exer-saucer of sorts. Here she is in video playing in her sand hole. She liked being able to stand and play. Jaye was … [Read more...]

One Year Photo Session

Yesterday, we headed to Pioneer Plaza in downtown Dallas for an unprofessional photo session. Thanks to our awesome friends Chris and Laura and their new fancy camera, we got some great pictures! … [Read more...]

Watch Out World

Here comes Jaye! On foot! Walking!Jaye has started taking a few steps in the last week. If you set her out a few feet in front of you, she'll toddle back into your arms. It's pretty much the cutest thing ever. She falls sometimes, but it doesn't seem to bother her. I think 7 or 8 steps is her record. Sometimes she stops and claps for herself. She's always so happy and proud and grins and grins. … [Read more...]

Crazy Ergo Game

I got a new carrier for Jaye this week, and she seems to really like it. While we were showing Phi last night, he invented a crazy game trying to get her. This may be the most fun Jaye's ever had in her life. And the bumpiest video work ever on this (or any!) blog as well. … [Read more...]