Modern Playful Bathroom Mood Board

Modern Playful Bathroom Mood Board

We are planning a bathroom remodel. A big one. We (and by we, I mean the contractor I hired) are going to take our ugly pink bathroom with the sagging floor totally down to the studs and build it up right. I created a modern playful bathroom mood board to help envision the new room. The hallway bathroom is both the kids bathroom and the guest bathroom. So I wanted it to be fun and playful (and durable) for the kids, but also calm and relaxing for any guests using it. And just a … [Read more...]

Birthday Bedroom Bonanza!

Today, I present the "before" photos of our bedroom. Hang in there, because it's gonna look rough, but there's a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. This is the sad, but true, state of our bedroom today. It gets worse than this though. Boxes of winter clothes, boxes of framed art to hang on the wall, a nasty ironing board. The one potential bright spot, our wedding photos, marred by all the junk on top of the dresser. But after all that depression, don't leave! I have a vision. I … [Read more...]

Jaye’s 1st Birthday: Mississippi River Themed Party

Mississippi River Themed Party, Mood Board, First Birthday Inspiration

Jaye's first birthday is coming up in about a month! I can't believe it. She seems so big and yet so little all at once. I decided on a Mississippi River themed party in honor of her middle name and our connection to the river.¬† Here's my Mississippi River themed party mood board I created to set the feel as I start planning. I really want to create a big steamboat for the table. I looked at different model kits, but they all seem too expensive and probably too complicated. I've never … [Read more...]

House-Feel: Cozy Modern

House-feel, you know, like mouth-feel, that gross sounding term that fancy chefs and hoity-toities use to describe they way food feels in their mouth. Except for not at all. Because houses aren't for eating. But how do I want my house to feel? I want it to feel relaxing (which, for me, largely means uncluttered). I want it to feel fun and lived-in (which means toys are probably all over the floor). I want it to feel unstuffy (you can put your feet on my couch). I want it to be bright and … [Read more...]

Or is it a girl?

Pink and Orange Girl Nursery

1. Tissue pom-poms or similarly colored globe lights. 2. Nurseryworks Storytime Rocker, my biggest "splurge" want. 3. I love the Jellycat stuffed animals, especially the corduroy ones, Cordy Roy Cat, $22.50, 4. Fabric ideas for window treatments, decorative pillows, and crib skirt. I also plan to make these, following various tutorials. There's an easy crib skirt one from Young House Love¬†here. From L to R: Bliss by Valeri Wells Lions in Tangerine, Jennifer Paganelli Pretty Please, … [Read more...]