De-cluttering Rules

When Jill and I were packing up the house in Minneapolis we were amazed at how much stuff we had accumulated.  In the course of packing, we got rid of 6 car/truck loads of stuff.  We resolved to pair down more and more over time - and defined these three rules for doing so: 1. Out by default.  When packing, imagine that everything is automatically out and that you are selecting a subset of your stuff to include.  This rule served us well during the move, particularly when we were packing … [Read more...]

Picture a Day: June

It's been a busy month. We started the month living in Minneapolis, MN. And finished it living in Richardson, TX! There was a lot of packing, cleaning, driving, and unpacking in between. We love our new house, which we are very happily renting. It's still not entirely organized, but last weekend my family worked with us on Saturday, and that made a huge difference!I have before pictures of the new house, but they are stuck on my phone right now. I can't find the plug in I need to transfer them … [Read more...]

Moving Week and Moving Weak

Oh my goodness. The last two weeks have been crazy. On Tuesday, June 12, the moving van showed up at our little house in Minneapolis. The movers got everything loaded up in just a few hours. Hiring movers was DEFINITELY the right choice. We sat in the backyard with Jaye while they took care of everything. Wednesday, Jaye went to daycare for the last time, Phil wrapped up a few things at work, and I cleaned the house from top to bottom like a maniac. By Wednesday night, Jaye and I were … [Read more...]

The Great Adventure

Awhile ago--I can't remember exactly when, but I was in law school so it wasn't more than three years ago--Phil and I talked about . . . settling down, I guess you could call it. When we got married, we knew we'd have kids someday. And when we bought this current house, we planned to stay here for 5 to 7 years, through the first kid (and maybe second).But in this settling down conversation, we thought more specifically about what we wanted that settled down life to look like. And realized that … [Read more...]

The Little Things

Sometimes in the middle of chaos, it's the little things that help so much. We're in the middle of packing up the kitchen this weekend. It's been chaos for sure. But the peonies in the backyard started blooming this week. So I clipped a few for my bottle garland, which I refuse to pack until the last minute now that there are peonies to fill it with. Ahhh. Much better. They are wafting a delicate smell across the packing and cardboard chaos. … [Read more...]