Is the Rory Meyers Children’s Adventure Garden good for toddlers?

Rory Meyers for Toddlers

So I know I told you about the Rory Meyers Children's Adventure Garden the other day. But I was holding out on you. I apologize. I actually skipped all of our favorite parts, because I wanted to use them to answer this question: Is the Rory Meyers Children's Adventure Garden good for toddlers? So, is it? Is the Rory Meyers Children's Adventure Garden good for toddlers? Yes! A resounding yes! Here are all our favorite parts of the garden and what my toddler liked best. My sample toddlers … [Read more...]

Growing a Scent

There's a new friend in our backyard-a jasmine plant! When we were at Home Depot a few weekends ago, we walked past some jasmine plants. The smell wafted past my nose and immediately compelled (literally forced, I could not resist) me to put a pot in our cart. I've never grown a jasmine before, but it's one of my very favorite scents. I planted it near the backdoor hoping the scent will waft past each time I open the backdoor (I would then waste a lot of cool air just opening and closing the … [Read more...]

Jaye’s First Birthday: Burlap Banner Wreath

Burlap Banner Wreath

When I last talked about Jaye's first birthday party, I'd created a Mississippi River party mood board, and designed and mailed some awesome river steamboat invitations. Now, as I write this, the party is over! It happened last weekend, and it was a raging success. Full details and pictures forthcoming, but first you have to endure the rest of my crafting and preparations for the party. The first thing the guests saw as they arrived was the easy burlap banner wreath I made for the … [Read more...]

Jaye in Texas

Jaye's first week in Texas has been a big one: first standing alone, first steps, first ear infection, first swim, first time living in Texas. The day we left Minneapolis, Jaye stood by herself for a few seconds and even took one tiny (falling forward) step. Every day since, she's gotten better and better. When we arrived at my parents' house, a wagon was waiting for her, specifically the Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon , which I'd ordered from because they had a sweet sale … [Read more...]


Sometimes when Jaye gets a little antsy, we head for the backyard. It seems to calm her down. She likes picking grass and flowers and sometimes even chewing on them. Little hand picking flowers.       Love her focused look below. … [Read more...]