PinTwist Parties

I received free product for review purposes. I have NOT been financially compensated for this post. All opinions are honestly my own. On Tuesday night, some friends and I had a PinTwist Party and it was awesome! PinTwist is an up and coming company that helps you take one of your pinned projects and make it reality. PinTwist Parties was inspired by craft nights the owner, Cher, hosted with her close friend to help her during her battle with cancer. Now, her PinTwist Parties are a great way for … [Read more...]

Fingerpainted Canvas Art

Fingerpainting Art with Kids

The other morning I was reading some blogs and came upon Kim's fingerpainted canvas art and was instantly inspired and motivated. I thought, "I've pinned something like that several times on Pinterest, now it's time to actually make it. And I have all the supplies on hand. Jaye and I are making our own fingerpainted canvas art TODAY." Basically: (1) Take a canvas, (2) Apply stickers or vinyl in the shape of whatever quote or image you want, (3) Let baby go to town with fingerpaints, (4) Once … [Read more...]

Fingerpainting Literally.

Fingerpainting Valentine

Valentine's Day is coming up! Phil and I have never made a big deal out of the holiday, but now that we have a kid, it's a fun excuse to send a cute card out to some loved ones! The other day Jaye and I made some quick and easy Valentines. This was such a fun Valentine's Day craft for a toddler!  I started by covering our kitchen table with a garbage bag, one of the big black ones. I taped the edges underneath the table so it wouldn't wiggle around. Then Jaye donned an oversized t-shirt as a … [Read more...]

Rocking Chair Revamp

The story of this rocking chair began a long time ago. Probably about a year. Once upon a time, a pregnant Jill stopped at a yard sale on a rainy day. She found some cute tiny baby clothes and was going to buy them. Then she also spotted this old gross looking rocking chair. But she only had a $10 bill and the marked prices for all her items was more than that. But never fear, Jill was enrolled in International Negotiation at William Mitchell College of Law at the time. So she put her mad … [Read more...]

Nursery: Library Cart Bookshelf

Library Cart Bookshelf

While Phil and I were still dating, I fell in love with rolling library carts. I really wanted one. So, for Christmas one year, Phil made me one!  I wanted to use it in Jaye's room and decided to both paint and stain it to match the two-tone look of her crib. So I bought a little sander at Home Depot and went to town on it in the basement. Once it was all sanded, I wiped away all the sanding dust and started staining. The staining was the hardest, and least successful part of the … [Read more...]