Jaye’s First Birthday: Monthly Banner and More

I love the idea of making a banner out of all the monthly photos I've taken of Jaye. It's fun to see them all together and fun for party guests to see how much Jaye has grown and celebrate that! To fit in with the Mississippi River theme, I used burlap. I just hot glued each picture onto a square of burlap along with a paper with the month printed onto it. Then a few loose stitches through the top to put them all on a string. We hung the banner across the living room wall behind the t.v. and … [Read more...]

Jaye’s First Birthday: Steamboat Centerpiece

Sticking with the theme of the food table (see the Jute Wrapped Cake Stand here), the centerpiece is an important (you could even say central) part of a party food table. From the beginning, I'd really had this vision of an awesome steamboat ┬ácenterpiece. When I first created the party mood board, I had no clue how I'd accomplish this. Phil and Laura admitted later, that they couldn't see my vision and were impressed by how awesome it turned out! So prepare to be impressed. I started with … [Read more...]

Jaye’s First Birthday: Jute Wrapped Cake Stand

Jute Wrapped Cake Stand

After making the Burlap Banner Wreath, I started thinking about food. And how to display it. I think a food table looks much better and more interesting with food at different heights. So I decided to make two cake stands. I'd pinned a couple of different ideas, but the one I ended up following most closely was a random link from some Linky Party somewhere that stuck in my head even though I never pinned it. Sorry not to be able to give credit! Anyway, here's how I made a simple Jute Wrapped … [Read more...]

Jaye’s First Birthday: Burlap Banner Wreath

Burlap Banner Wreath

When I last talked about Jaye's first birthday party, I'd created a Mississippi River party mood board, and designed and mailed some awesome river steamboat invitations. Now, as I write this, the party is over! It happened last weekend, and it was a raging success. Full details and pictures forthcoming, but first you have to endure the rest of my crafting and preparations for the party. The first thing the guests saw as they arrived was the easy burlap banner wreath I made for the … [Read more...]

Jaye’s 1st Birthday: Mississippi River Invitation

Mississippi River Invitations

Jaye's first birthday party is going to have a Mississippi River theme in honor of her middle name. The first birthday is really my best chance at choosing an awesome theme that I like without the input of a toddler or kid. You can check out the Mississippi River themed party mood board here. But the first step to an awesome party is inviting the guests! So I used photoshop to make some Mississippi River invitations. I started with this picture that I'd found online somewhere. I googled all … [Read more...]