De-cluttering Rules

When Jill and I were packing up the house in Minneapolis we were amazed at how much stuff we had accumulated.  In the course of packing, we got rid of 6 car/truck loads of stuff.  We resolved to pair down more and more over time - and defined these three rules for doing so: 1. Out by default.  When packing, imagine that everything is automatically out and that you are selecting a subset of your stuff to include.  This rule served us well during the move, particularly when we were packing … [Read more...]

Accidental Stay-At-Home Mom

Two days old. So here's the deal. When Jaye was born, I accidentally became a stay at home mom. I've never wanted to stay at home full-time. When I was pregnant, I used to worry that I'd change my mind and want to become a stay at home mom. Phil would reassure me that if I changed my mind, I'd want to stay at home, so I'd be happy doing it. But it wasn't much reassurance. One month old. I feel like staying at home full time just doesn't fit with my personality. The … [Read more...]

The Great Adventure

Awhile ago--I can't remember exactly when, but I was in law school so it wasn't more than three years ago--Phil and I talked about . . . settling down, I guess you could call it. When we got married, we knew we'd have kids someday. And when we bought this current house, we planned to stay here for 5 to 7 years, through the first kid (and maybe second).But in this settling down conversation, we thought more specifically about what we wanted that settled down life to look like. And realized that … [Read more...]

The Anti Inertia Post

Jill and I went out to dinner at Solera last Monday to celebrate the vacation day. We also used up an about-to-expire groupon, which might mean that we owe Chris and Laura some dinner based on a previous super fun trip to Solera.We had a good conversation about Inertia. I'm in a good position to have good conversations about Inertia because I switched jobs this past week. Before I get to that, I think it's more important to record the sentiment. We've been married for almost three years. We … [Read more...]

the Way of the Peaceful Warrior

I read a good book called the Way of the Peaceful Warrior this past week. It's a fictional novel dealing with a zen like, present focus on life. Thanks to Adam for loaning it to me. It has stuck with me into the few days after I finished it, which I hoped it would. At work Adam and I have been noting to one another how amazingly unfocused on the present we are. I wake up and think about the future, the day ahead. I relax in the evenings and wind up having my mind wander back through the … [Read more...]