Jaye wrestles

baby wrestling daddy

The other night, Jaye and Phil had fun wrestling on the kitchen floor. Phil would twitch suddenly every time she "got" him, which, as you can see in the left picture, made her giggle. … [Read more...]

Beach Trip 2012

We went to the beach awhile ago. It was so long ago that Jaye couldn't even walk yet. Like at the end of July. But here are pictures and videos finally. The very first evening we were at the beach. Jaye was in love instantly. Here's a video of her first encounter with the ocean. Loves it. We hung out with family. We dug a whole for Jaye and made her a sand exer-saucer of sorts. Here she is in video playing in her sand hole. She liked being able to stand and play. Jaye was … [Read more...]

Baby See Baby Do

Lately, Jaye must do whatever she sees Phil or I doing. If we sweep the kitchen floor, she must sweep (unsuccessfully). If I'm writing a grocery list on the marker board, she must scribble too (successfully). If we are building an Ikea table with the screwdriver, you guessed it, Jaye has to as well. I love this about her. I love the sense of confidence. "I can do that" she thinks. She doesn't worry about being to small or just a baby. I love her focus and determination as well. She would … [Read more...]


 Chalk was one of the favors for the little kids at Jaye's party. So one night this week, Jay and Phil tried it out on a cardboard box in the living room. Jaye knew what she was supposed to be doing, but had a little trouble getting the chalk to actually make marks.  Should I eat this, Dad? … [Read more...]

Jaye: 11 Months

Jaye, I can't believe you are almost a year old. You are growing so fast. Last night, I went into your room when you cried in the middle of the night, and you were so huge standing up in your crib. You seemed like such a big kid sitting on my lap for a bottle. This past month has been a big one in your life, but one you won't remember. This month, you became a Texan. It's funny to think that you won't ever remember any different, won't remember our first house in Minnesota where you first … [Read more...]