Jaye: 12 Months

Our daughter, Jaye Mississippi, is one year old. Wow. One year ago, we were blessed with the incredible birth of our incredible daughter. A year ago today, you were just a few days old, so tiny. And now I look behind me to see you walking across the living room. It's amazing how much you've learned. And amazing to thing that in another year you will learn and change so much more. The day after your first birthday, you decided you could walk. Honestly, it was kind of like a light switch … [Read more...]

Jaye: 11 Months

Jaye, I can't believe you are almost a year old. You are growing so fast. Last night, I went into your room when you cried in the middle of the night, and you were so huge standing up in your crib. You seemed like such a big kid sitting on my lap for a bottle. This past month has been a big one in your life, but one you won't remember. This month, you became a Texan. It's funny to think that you won't ever remember any different, won't remember our first house in Minnesota where you first … [Read more...]

Jaye: Nine Months

Jaye is nine months old today! Your rules in life this month have been: Jaye must be standing. Jaye must be eating whatever anyone else is eating. If Jaye is not standing, Jaye must be moving. Movement: you are definitely obsessed with standing and pulling up on everything. It's been fun to watch you learn how to stand so smoothly and easily. When you first started pulling up, it was tricky. You weren't sure how to do it each time, but it's so easy now. Sometimes you even barely hold on. I … [Read more...]

Jaye has been learning how to move where she wants more and more every day. It's crazy! … [Read more...]


Jaye: Six Months

This past month has been a big one. Jaye has been working on moving so much! She moves all around the futon somehow. A combination of rolling and scootching and wiggling. She's been up on hands a knees a few times, but so far no official crawls. She can sit up by herself though! For at least a minute or so depending on whether or not she reaches to get something. It's fun to see her balance get better and better every day.Jaye also discovered the volume this month. That involved lots of … [Read more...]