How to Save $10,000

You could save $10,000 right now by buying our house. As of last night, our house is $10,000 cheaper.So if any of your friends, or enemies, or anyone you know, or don't know, is looking for an awesome house in an awesome location in South Minneapolis at an awesome price, please click here to check it out officially or here for my own home tour posts. … [Read more...]

Ready to Sell: What We Did

Even though our house is in good shape and was already pretty put together and decorated, it seemed like we still had a lot to do to get it ready to sell. We moved our bedroom upstairs to showcase a "master suite" area. This was relatively simple, but did involve us hunting down split box springs because our regular one wouldn't fit up the stairs. We touched up paint upstairs.We bought a futon and set up our previous bedroom as a guest room. We had the shower redone in the bathroom.We repainted … [Read more...]

Layout Changes: Upstairs

Ever since we've lived here, the upstairs has been our hang-out room. It's had a few different layouts as we tried to figure out the best way to fit a t.v. and couch in the long, narrow space. Here's the most recent set-up after we finished our massive de-junking campaign upstairs. It looks a little different as a master suite now. We moved the bed and headboard upstairs, but had to buy new split boxsprings to fit up the stairs. The dresser and the closet are across from each other in the back … [Read more...]

Layout Changes: Bedroom

Since we moved in, we've always used the one downstairs bedroom as our "master bedroom." We liked being near the bathroom and don't mind that the room is small since we don't spend much time in it. It was a olive green when we moved in.It's gone through some transition since then. I repainted a light gray last summer and added the mirror arrangement over the bed and made the headboard.And now, for it's final iteration, the downstairs bedroom has become a guest room and study instead of our … [Read more...]

Layout Changes: Living Room

Here's our dining room when we first moved in. This was the view of our house from when you first come in. This half of the dining room has pretty much stayed the same the entire time we've lived here until now. To the left of the front door, we used to have this set up with the Itso storage and this chair. But we never used it and so eventually moved the snuggler chair here from the blue room. We found we used it a lot more then. On the wall between the windows, we've always had these wooden … [Read more...]