Settlers Weekend

The weekend before last we finally fulfilled a dream we had long dreamt about: an entire weekend getaway devoted solely to playing Settlers of Catan. Along with two other couples, Chris and Laura, and Joe and Kristin, we headed up to a cabin outside of St. Cloud on Friday evening. Each couple was in charge of two meals, and we sure ate well: enchiladas, chicken pot pie, stromboli, bacon and eggs, and french toast, and lots of pazouki for dessert.  Of course, we played lots of games … [Read more...]

Melting Snow…Melting Focus

It's finally starting to warm up here. The snow has basically all melted off. And I'm afraid my focus has been melting with it. I came back from spring break to be greeted by back-to-back-to-back big midterms in Contracts and Property and a big writing assignment in WRAP.Two grueling weeks later, the worst was behind me. I found out I did really well on the Contracts midterm for sure, and I felt good about the Property exam (though I don't know for sure yet). So last weekend, I got to take a bit … [Read more...]


As of last Friday at 12:30 pm, I'd completed my first semester of law school. It feels amazing to have that behind me. I think that the next 5 semesters won't be nearly as stressful, because the uncertainty and not-knowing were the most stressful part of this semester.Since Friday, we've been:-shopping at the MOA with Laura-to a crazy law school party -doing some Christmas shopping-watching the Vikings game-playing in a hockey game against Hamline Law School-to the Chatterbox Pub for some … [Read more...]

Week in Review

Oh man. Law school is really ramping up now! Here are some highlights, lowlights, and just-plain-lights of the past week (or maybe two, it all runs together...).My first two hockey games with William Mitchell and the Fighting Eelpout. Two main take-aways from these games: Hockey is good for de-stressing. I'm very small. Study Group: I have a good study group. We have some good plans and deadlines for how we're going to approach outlining and studying for finals. Good discipline to keep me on … [Read more...]