Bathroom Renewal Part One

One of the tasks on my list before we rent the house and move to Texas is the bathroom. We had the shower tile redoneabout a year or so ago. At the time, Phil and I tried to seal the grout ourselves. But it hadn't worked. The grout in the shower is disgusting. I plan on having a handyperson come out to seal it so we can get it right this time. But first I have to get it clean.  Luckily, I had an excellent helper today. Yuck, Momma. That grout is gross. To get started, I googled. I … [Read more...]

Bathroom Update

bathroom remodel

At the beginning of last week our bathroom looked like this: Obviously, I showered at the gym for most of the week, and Phil got to know a tiny shower in the basement of the building where he works. The problem was that the tile was bowing out from the walls due to a moisture problem. It turned out that the previous DIY-ers had used sheetrock instead of the proper tile backer-board. Thanks guys. We opted not to DIY this one, so we wouldn't make a similar mistake. Instead, we called in an … [Read more...]

How to install (and grout!) self-adhesive vinyl tile

1. Sweep thoroughly.2. Clean your floor really well with soap and water.3. Use a staple gun to secure the edges and any other chipped loose spots.4. Apply an embossing leveler. Mix this up in very small batches. Work quickly to smear a thin layer over the floor. Let dry.5. Determine the center of the room. You want to start laying the tile at the center and work out from there.6. Place (BUT DON'T ADHERE!) tiles from the center to the edges to test it out. You want the last tiles at the edges to … [Read more...]

Kitchen Remodel Pt. 3: History

In the process of moving the fridge in order paint the cabinets and redo the floor, we uncovered some kitchen history. Our kitchen used to have yellow walls and gray tiles. Lovely. (Not.)Stay tuned--the kitchen remodel reveal coming next week! … [Read more...]

Bathroom Remodel

bathroom floor tiles

The weekend before our bike trip, we completed our bathroom remodel. Parts of it were definitely a struggle. We made 5 (count 'em FIVE) separate trips to Home Depot for different items. But we're really happy with the result. Before: outdated linoleum That mustard color peeking out from where the sink was is gone. Now, a relaxing gray covers the walls. This cheap plastic, chrome faucet had visible moldy spots underneath the faucet. Yuck. We're loving this classy brushed nickel … [Read more...]