Gloating: Where are We?

By the time you read this, Phil and I will be on a plane to Phoenix, Arizona, to spend 4 days at this sunny resort courtesy of Phil's job.  Phil will do some golfing, and I have a massage scheduled. We have a few work dinners to attend, and Phil has two working breakfasts, but mostly we plan on relaxing around the pool. Hopefully, it will stay around 70 degrees, but most importantly, there won't be any snow! … [Read more...]

Settlers Weekend

The weekend before last we finally fulfilled a dream we had long dreamt about: an entire weekend getaway devoted solely to playing Settlers of Catan. Along with two other couples, Chris and Laura, and Joe and Kristin, we headed up to a cabin outside of St. Cloud on Friday evening. Each couple was in charge of two meals, and we sure ate well: enchiladas, chicken pot pie, stromboli, bacon and eggs, and french toast, and lots of pazouki for dessert.  Of course, we played lots of games … [Read more...]

Back in the saddle again

Phil and I just got back from Texas. We headed down for a visit at the end of July. As soon as we landed in DFW, we were whisked away to Schlitterbaun, an enormous, awesome waterpark an hour south of Austin. We spent two days at the waterpark with the entire crew: our parents, our little siblings (Lillian and Lucy-13, Will-10), our brother (Grant), our sister-in-law (Rachel), and our nephew (Benjamin-1). It was a blast.After the waterpark, we headed back to Dallas where some extended family came … [Read more...]

Weekend Preview and Law Review

We're headed up north for a wedding this weekend. It should be a ton of fun. We're staying in a cabin with two other couples and who knows how many runner boys crashing on the floor. We have a big breakfast (or brarkfast as Phil and his friends call it) (or brekkie as its called in my favorite movie Danny Deckchair) planned for tomorrow morning.And I have an iPhone 4, so I will be able to take pictures and even video! For example, I can even press a button to turn the camera around and snap a … [Read more...]

I wish I were in Cozumel

Phil and I escaped for a much-needed, week-long hiatus in sunny Cozumel over spring break. We flew in on a Saturday evening and headed straight to our resort, Fiesta Americana.From that point on, our days were pretty easy (and pretty similar). Wake up to sun streaming in the window, enjoy a delicious breakfast buffet, and head down to the beach. We rested, we read, we slept in hammocks.We went snorkeling when we needed a break. I've discovered I love snorkeling. It makes swimming fun. It was … [Read more...]