Rocking Chair Revamp

The story of this rocking chair began a long time ago. Probably about a year. Once upon a time, a pregnant Jill stopped at a yard sale on a rainy day. She found some cute tiny baby clothes and was going to buy them. Then she also spotted this old gross looking rocking chair. But she only had a $10 bill and the marked prices for all her items was more than that. But never fear, Jill was enrolled in International Negotiation at William Mitchell College of Law at the time. So she put her mad … [Read more...]

Nursery: The Crib

We bought a crib.We ended up choosing the Baby Mod Park Lane crib from Walmart. How did we settle on this one?       Style:           I liked the two-tone look.           I also liked that it had a drawer.           I wanted neutral and modern.       Other Requirements:           A non-toxic finish.           Made out of real wood and not some freaky MDF or something.           As cheap as possible, under $300. The Park Lane crib met these requirements according to its online … [Read more...]

Nursery: The Plan

The current plan for the nursery is really an anti-plan. We won't have one space dedicated as a nursery. Instead, we're going to spread it throughout the house. In our bedroom, currently downstairs, we'll have a portable crib with a bassinet. The desk has moved upstairs and the baby will sleep where the desk is/was.The changing table/dresser/baby storage will be in the hallway outside of our bedroom. I've bolted together some of our Target "itsos" to make them super sturdy. We'll add a changing … [Read more...]

Layout Changes: Upstairs

Ever since we've lived here, the upstairs has been our hang-out room. It's had a few different layouts as we tried to figure out the best way to fit a t.v. and couch in the long, narrow space. Here's the most recent set-up after we finished our massive de-junking campaign upstairs. It looks a little different as a master suite now. We moved the bed and headboard upstairs, but had to buy new split boxsprings to fit up the stairs. The dresser and the closet are across from each other in the back … [Read more...]

The Beginning of the End

I'm a week and a half into my 4th semester of law school. At the beginning of this semester, I was halfway done. Whew. I'm pretty ready to be all the way done! This semester, I've got a lot going on!Classes:Administrative Law: I really like the professor, and I think the topic will be really useful. Several people who are real lawyers already have told me it's the class they use the most in real life.Constitutional Law, Liberties: Con Law is required, otherwise I probably wouldn't be taking it. … [Read more...]