The Little Jayebug and the Big Big Slide

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Wordless Wednesday

My new favorite picture. And a video too, just for fun. … [Read more...]

Happy Mama

This week, Jaye has started saying "mama" and I'm so happy. It's so cute to hear her little voice saying real words. And particularly that word. She also knows her own name and can say that, too. Seriously, when did my little baby get so big? … [Read more...]

Dadda is the best because

Dadda and Jaye like to play a little crazy in the evenings. Mama likes to watch and laugh at how ridiculous Phil looks. And swoon over what a great man I married. … [Read more...]

Jaye’s Second Word

Jaye's first word was "woof" which shouldn't be surprising given her extreme love for puppy dogs since an early age. And now she knows a second word! Last week, she doubled her vocabulary by learning to say "shoe" which comes out a little bit like "djshoe." Listen closely and you can catch it in this video: It's so incredible to watch her learn so much and so quickly. Just this past weekend, she has started really trying to copy what you are saying. She was making "z" noises after … [Read more...]