The Hat with a Story

So there's this hat. It's a tan ballcap with a dark brown brim and the words Wood-Mizer in orange across the front. It's covered with dirt and paint splotches. It's Phil's hat. He wore it all the timeĀ in college. Phil and I during his senior year and my freshman year at Carleton. At one of the "brarkfests" that he and his roommates hosted several times a week. No Wood-Mizer hat in this picture, but it's still a funny picture of Phil and his roommates. A giant Thanksgiving dinner or … [Read more...]

Weekend Preview and Law Review

We're headed up north for a wedding this weekend. It should be a ton of fun. We're staying in a cabin with two other couples and who knows how many runner boys crashing on the floor. We have a big breakfast (or brarkfast as Phil and his friends call it) (or brekkie as its called in my favorite movie Danny Deckchair) planned for tomorrow morning.And I have an iPhone 4, so I will be able to take pictures and even video! For example, I can even press a button to turn the camera around and snap a … [Read more...]

Pictures on the Wall

I went into a frenzy the Sunday before school started, an unstoppable-my-wedding-pictures-must-be-hanging-on-the-wall-now frenzy! Luckily, I succeeded. Here's the result:In addition to some of the pictures, I framed part of our invitation, just to add some variety to the wall. … [Read more...]

Wedding Recollections: The Reception

I saved the best for last, but finally, the party! Despite having to change locations 3 weeks before the wedding (Yikes! Talk about stress!), our reception was fabulous! We got our party on in Faribault, MN at the Vintage Ballroom, (hey, three of those pictures are from our wedding!), where Janna took fabulous care of us and made some awesome enchiladas too!Those little boxes held chocolate covered espresso beans because Phil and I love coffee.There are those flowers I love again!The tables … [Read more...]

Wedding Recollections: The Ceremony

Because we opted to do photos before the ceremony, we saw each other for the first time that day before the ceremony.It gave us some time to enjoy that first moment together on our big day.Our many attendants crowded the front of the little chapel. Before we knew it we were married! … [Read more...]