The De-Junking Campaign: Phil’s Closet

I went to put some laundry away yesterday, and I was fed up. I’d had it with this disaster of a closet.

So I postponed my general house cleaning and laundry and headed to Ikea. I knew I had some boards down in the basement, and I thought I’d get brackets to turn those boards into shelves running along the bottom of the closet.
When I got back from Ikea, I started sawing a board to the right length. 30 minutes and a sore bicep later, I hauled the board upstairs and realized it was too narrow to be a good shelf. Luckily, I found some ready-made shelves from an old Ikea bookshelf we had up in our apartment. I broke two drill bits trying to get those brackets in, but I finally had my shelves. Toss in some 99 cent boxes (which happen to match the blue room perfectly!) and the afters shots are looking good!


  1. Oooh, That looks excellent! Great job, Jill!