The De-Junking Campaign: Tackling the Upstairs

Our upstairs room has been slowly spiraling out of control over this past summer and fall. It became a dumping ground for projects in process and general clutter we just didn’t want to deal with or see downstairs. I’m horrified to admit that this is (pretty much) a true “before” picture. I had pulled some stuff out of the closet to stack it on the sofa at the back and brought those cardboard boxes up to remove some junk, but the rest of it is accurate (gasp). 
View from the top of the stairs. Phil is busy getting ready to plastic the back window in preparation for winter. 
View back toward the stairs from the middle of the room.
We pulled the couch out from the wall when we started playing Halo and watching more football. It’s just been sitting awkwardly in the middle of the room.
Even the bookshelves were getting out of hand. After taking the MPRE on Saturday, I couldn’t take it anymore. I took out the last of my stress on the clutter! Starting at the back of the room, I sorted all the crap into recycling, trash, and donate piles. I reorganized the closet so that the bins of off-season clothes and books we have listed on could all fit inside. I started paring down the bookshelves and the back of my car has several boxes to drop off at Half Price Books this week. I filled up a huge black trash bag and two smaller ones. It’s appalling how much and how often, we can remove crap from our home. It makes me really want to toss EVERYTHING and just start over. But I didn’t do that yet. Instead, here’s the new and improved upstairs room.
I moved the TV into the corner where the internet/cable cords were hooked up. I like this much better because cords are no longer crossing the whole room to get to the TV. It’s also pretty cosy over there now. 
I love my library cart Phil made me, and now you can actually see it!
There are still a few things stacked up by the top of the stairs. After we clean out the basement over Christmas break, we’ll be better able to deal with them.
I haven’t put the bookshelves totally back together yet. That’s next on the list along with cleaning the carpets. I’d like to fit my chalkboard boxes into the shelves so the tops can be clean and clear. 
One more look at the “after”: Ahh, SO much better!


  1. It looks awesome! Totally productive way to channel stress.

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