The Spice of Life: Cute and Easy Spice Storage

A few weeks ago, I did a quick update to my spice storage. And the results were awesome. Using washi tape and some leftover jars, I turned my mish-mash of spice jars into a fun and functional spice storage solution that happened to be really easy to do and easy to change in the future too! Win, win, win!

Easy-Spice-Storage 1. Choose the jars for your spice storage.

I used Gerber baby food jars for the spices. Once they were super clean, they were the perfect size. I had two different sizes of jars. The bigger size was reserved for spices I use the most often, like taco seasoning. Choose jars that have an airtight seal to keep your spices fresh. I have seen the Gerber baby food jars for sale at kids consignment sales like Just Between Friends if you are looking for them.

2. Sort through your spices.

This spice storage project is a great time to sort through your spices. Throw away old spices that aren’t fresh any more. Spices don’t go “bad” per say, but they will lose their flavor and potency. Generally, whole un-ground spices stay fresh for about 3 years, ground spices for 2 years and dried herbs for 1 year. You can check this handy website to determine specific storage times for spices and herbs. Keeping only fresh spices makes sure all your dinners are the most flavorful! Also, go ahead and toss that weird spice you used once for one crazy recipe two years ago. Keeping only the spices you really use the most helps keep your spice storage uncluttered and makes it easier to find the spices you need!

3. Label your spice storage.

To make a super easy, but still cute label for my spices, I used some cute washi tape. I got mine at Target, but you can find washi tape at other crafting stores like Hobby Lobby or JoAnns or even online on Etsy or  I love how re-positionable the washi tape is. I cut lengths of it, stuck them to the table to write my spice name on, and then peeled them back off and applied them to the jar. Plus, if I use up a spice or decide to change a jar out for a different spice, it’s easy to peel off the old label and add a new one.

 4. Put your spice jars back in your cabinet.

Spices keep best if stored out of the sunlight and in a cool spot. My jars are in a cabinet to the left of the stove. I used a three-tier expandable shelf organizer like this one below that I found at Goodwill for $2. The spice jars would also work well lying on their sides in a drawer if that’s how your kitchen works.

spice storage

5. Step back and glory in your lovely organized spice storage.

And, if you’re like me, kick yourself for not organizing it sooner! What have you all been organizing in the kitchen lately? What’s your best method for spice storage?


  1. I’m currently in the process of refreshing my spice rack! I realized some of them I’d had since we got married over 8 years ago!! Tells you how often I use spices like coriander and sesame seeds.

  2. I swear…my spice drawer messes itself up at night! They just seem to spill everywhere…and why are they always empty. grrr. Good solution though!

  3. I love my PC measuring spoons and cheese grater. I keep hearing ideal factors about the chopper so I could need to add it to my list!

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