TWD: Arborio Rice Pudding

Sunday Nov. 16th 4:26 PM
Rice is parboiling on the stove. After reading P&Q comments, I decided to use 1/4 cup rice, but only 3 cups milk. I’ll add more milk later if it starts looking dry. I love rice pudding, so I’m very much hoping that this works out.

4:30 PM
Waiting for the milk and sugar to boil. I’m eating a coconut-pineapple Dum-Dum and listening to the Hold Steady.

4:38 PM
Milk still hasn’t boiled yet. Phil’s painting the trim in our hallway. We bought some new “itso” organizers from Target yesterday. Pictures to come of these in our newly painted and organized and made useful hallway.

4:39 PM
Milk was boiling over as I spoke/typed. Oops. Added rice and reduced heat. Despite using a little less milk and a pretty full 1/4 cup and Dorie’s correction to cook for 55 minutes, I’m still worried. There’s a freaking lot of milk in there for that little bit of rice to soak up.

5:15 PM
29 minutes left on the timer that was set for 55 minutes. I’m beginning to have more hope. There is still alot of milk, but the rice has also absorbed alot of it. Definitely need to stir occasionally because a film keeps forming on the top.

5:30 PM
14 minutes left on timer. Pudding is getting thicker even faster now. I’m not sure if I should keep cooking it, if I should add some milk and keep cooking, or just call it done.

5:37 PM
I took the pudding off the burner with 12 minutes left. It tastes SOOOOO delicious warm. I’m not sure that I want to put it in the fridge. The recipe made 4 ramekins full, definitely not enough for something so delicious. I want to eat it for breakfast every day this week. I guess I’ll put two ramekins in the fridge, but we’re gonna eat the other two now!

I’m so happy that this recipe turned out well. Finally, a recipe that I can say I think this is my favorite TWD recipe so far. Honestly, I had been starting to wonder. Next time, which there may be in the next few days, I would go ahead and follow the recipe using the full amount of milk. I think that would definitely work with the 55 minute cook time. I’m really curious about what it would taste like to use almond extract instead of vanilla. I might have to try it. I love almond.


  1. I’m glad it worked out for you!

  2. I had boil-over problems too, but it was worth it. I loved it.