TWD: Dimply Plum (Nectarine!) Cake

Dimply Plum Cake, on page 41, was this week’s TWD treat, hosted by Michelle of Bake-en. I made it Saturday evening to take to church for coffee hour. I swapped nectarines for plums because the plums at the farmer’s market did not look so ripe. I like nectarines better than plums anyway. The cake turned out well. It was a hit at church. Everyone really liked the cardamom in it, as a nice change from using cinnamon in all these types of desserts and cakes.

I sliced the nectarines too thinly, I think, missing out on the “jammy” texture the fruit was supposed to develop. As Michelle noted, too, the fruit seemed a little dried out. But so far so good with TWD!
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