TWD: Dimply Plum (Nectarine!) Cake

Dimply Plum Cake, on page 41, was this week’s TWD treat, hosted by Michelle of Bake-en. I made it Saturday evening to take to church for coffee hour. I swapped nectarines for plums because the plums at the farmer’s market did not look so ripe. I like nectarines better than plums anyway. The cake turned out well. It was a hit at church. Everyone really liked the cardamom in it, as a nice change from using cinnamon in all these types of desserts and cakes.

I sliced the nectarines too thinly, I think, missing out on the “jammy” texture the fruit was supposed to develop. As Michelle noted, too, the fruit seemed a little dried out. But so far so good with TWD!


  1. Welcome to Tuesdays with Dorie! Your dimply Nectarine Cake and your Chocolate Chunkers look great. Your church group members are fortunate to have you baking for them!

  2. Welcome! The cake and cookies look fab!

  3. Welcome to TWD! I just joined too and it is so much fun!

  4. I joined TWD only a few weeks ago… I think I had the opposite problem as you on this one. I think my fruit was too big. It didn’t get soft enough AND the tops got wicked dried out.

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