TWD: Kugelhopf

Even though I’m not generally scared of yeast, this week’s TWD recipe was as complicated as its name, Kugelhopf. (I’m not sure I spelled that right) The recipe was supposed to produce an end product that was a mix between a bread and a cake. The dough certainly was a mix, too runny to be bread dough, too sticky to be cake batter.

Only somewhat daunted by the comments in the P & Q, I slogged into the recipe, just trying to follow the directions even though my dough didn’t seem to be following its share of the directions (climb the bread hook, anyone?). 
To make a long story short, the end result isn’t pretty, but tasted pretty good with butter the day it was baked. I added chocolate chips, but I’m not sure I liked the addition; they didn’t seem to go with the more bread-like nature of the rest of the kugelhopf.

Probably wouldn’t bake it again.


  1. Hey, at least you tried it. That’s what counts.

  2. Too bad you didn’t like it! Well, now you have the experience of making it, at least.

  3. Sorry you didn’t like it more.