Usborne Books Giveaway!

Usborne Books Giveaway!

Usborne books giveaway Usborne books were always my favorite books when I was growing up. As an adult, Usborne books are still the favorite books in our house, loved both by the adults reading them and by Jaye and Cy themselves! Because I love the books so much, I decided to start my own Usborne Books business. Typically, Usborne books are sold through in-home parties or the new trend of “Facebook parties.” I’d be happy to help you do either an party in your home if you are local to DFW or … [Read more...]

Cy: Twelve Months

2016-04-22 09.51.24

My little Cy Man, You are not quite so little anymore. I can't believe it has already been a year since you were pictures are from right as you turned 12 months, but as I'm writing this, you are actually 14 months old. At 12 months, you were  still just crawling, but more often on hands and feet, a big bear crawl. At 13 months old, you learned to stand alone and just barely began to think about taking steps. You would take one or two. You only tried about once a day. And you could NOT … [Read more...]

Chatbooks Review: 6 Reasons You Need Chatbooks NOW

Chatbooks Review

Attention: This Chatbooks Review is NOT a sponsored post. All gushing below is honest and true-Chatbooks doesn't even know who I am. For several months now, I've been using an amazing service called Chatbooks. I love it so much that it's time to share it with you all. So here's my Chatbooks review. Chatbooks is a photo book app that is connected to my Instagram account. Whenever I post 60 photos, it automatically creates a paperback photo book and mails it to me. Boom. Memories … [Read more...]

Cy: Eleven Months

2016-03-13 10.45.05

My little boy, This month, you have really started to seem like a little boy. But you'll always be my baby. You are so eager to explore everything. You love to open and close doors-the linen closet, the play kitchen, the bathroom door, the kitchen cabinets. You love to stand at the kitchen cabinet and try to dump out all my Nespresso coffee pods. You are so good at figuring out how things work. You watch me do something, then you try to do the same. After I cleaned your ears, you … [Read more...]

Cy: Ten Months


Sweet little man, This morning, you were pretty fussy. So we took your pictures with your Lovie-a soft square of giraffe print fabric that the Allen Birthing Center sent home with you when you were born. You've always loved to feel soft fabric; even as a tiny newborn giving you an edge of blanket to hold would help you calm down and relax. Now whenever you get your Lovie, you put your thumb in your mouth right away and hold Lovie in your other hand. As you're falling asleep for a nap or … [Read more...]