A Day in the Life of Jaye at 6 Weeks

7:00- Jaye starts grunting and fussing. Phil changes her diaper and brings her back to bed to snuggle and nurse. Phil leaves for work.

8:00- Jaye is sleeping but I get up to eat breakfast (cinnamon raisin toast with peanut butter and a glass of Bolthouse vanilla chai protein drink). Jaye is still asleep so I hurry around to get some things done. Start a load of laundry. Asleep. Quick! Wash a few dishes. Still asleep. Sweep and mop the living room! Amazing.

9:00- Jaye’s awake and hungry. I get my spot ready for the day. 

 9:05- Breakfast. And an episode of The Cosby Show. I found the whole eight years on Netflix streaming, so I decided to watch it all. I’m two years in.

9:40- Jaye gets a diaper change. She gets dressed. We hang out for awhile and talk. You can hear the Cosby show still on in the backgrond.

10:00- We head out for a walk. It’s kind of chilly, but Jaye looks super cute in her hat. I call my mom and we catch up while we’re walking. We stop by the post office to mail some birth announcements and at a gas station to grab a warm drink.

11:40- We are home from our walk and Jaye is hungry again. I feed her while working on this blog post.  Jaye dozes in my lap for a bit after eating.

12:00- Jaye kindly offers to swing for a bit so I can eat some lunch, change over that load of laundry and finish the dishes. She’s a sweet girl.
12:45- Jaye eats and dozes in my lap some more.

2:00- Diaper change! Jaye’s feet still seem cold so I tie these booties on over her socks, but by the time I pick her up and carry her into the other room after taking this picture, she has kicked both booties and socks off!

2:15 Snacktime. I love how serious she looks and the little noises she always makes while eating. I think she’s thanking me for providing such a delicious meal. 🙂

3:00- I change Jaye’s diaper and decide to give her a bath since it’s been 3 or 4 days. Maybe that will help her warm up too.

3:30- After the bath, Jaye and I lay down to nurse a bit and take a nap. She falls asleep quickly, but I end up just laying beside her reading blogs on Phil’s iPad, etc.
6:00- Phil’s home and cuddles with Jaye while I put dinner in the oven (lasagna from a friend) and add to this post.
6:30- Jaye is hungry and so are Phil and I. We eat and watch some Friday Night Lights while Jaye eats and sleeps in my arms.
10:30-We ended up watching four episodes and finishing the final season of Friday Night Lights. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose. Except we lost because now we have no t.v. show to watch together.

10:45- Phil changes Jaye’s diaper and puts on her pajamas. He bounces her to keep her happy while I’m getting ready for bed.
11:00- Everyone is in bed and asleep.


  1. I think it is so funny that you can hear Clair Huxtable calling “Jaye” in the background and talking to him on the telephone!


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