A Week in May

What have we been up to lately? I definitely owe a family post, so here goes!

Last Saturday, after breakfast with Pops, we walked down to the park by Pops’ house. After a long time playing, Jaye was hot and thirsty. She clearly needed a treat from the ice cream truck. “Mmmm.”


On Tuesday, Jaye and I met up with her friend Sam at the Galleria play area. She and Sam sweetly shared their snacks with each other, even though for the most part they didn’t interact much. Baby playdates are really more about mama chat-dates.


Currently, Jaye’s favorite thing to do (probably in all the world!) is paint. Whenever she paints, I put up the dropleaf on our kitchen table and move her chair around to the end, instead of the side where it normally was. The other night was we were trying to convince her to head out for a walk, she kept insisting “paint, paint” which sounds more like “beeee, beeee.” She moved her chair around to its spot and would not quit trying to raise the dropleaf. So of course, we painted before going for a walk.


After Jaye goes to bed, Phil and I have been watching a show called Justified (which aired several years ago, but we are pretty behind the times). One night this week, I had a craving for wings. So we just ordered some. Made us feel young and cool as we ate them on an upturned laundry basket in the living room floor.


Jaye already likes to look at the Project Life albums I’ve started making. I’m excited to see how much she continues to enjoy them as she gets older.


Last night, we all went to Heights Park to play for a little bit before dinner. For the first time ever, Jaye went down the big slide. She didn’t hesitate at all, but just climbed up and did it all by herself! I was so proud of her!


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