And There Was Light

I mentioned earlier that a new light fixture was on the way for our living room. Well it arrived. And after several weeks of it sitting in its box on the living room floor, we enlisted the help of some a very generous friend, Chris, to help us get it installed. He’s an electrical engineer; Phil is an HR data analyst. Guess who I wanted messing with electrical stuff in my house?

They took down the old, dated ceiling fan. (You can also see the new neutral color our living room is.)
And put up our lovely new light. Then Phil poured glasses of wine.
Then Chris said, “Wait, I think that plastic thing was supposed to cover the bottom?” And Phil said, “Oh, that thing we threw away?” But it was recovered and attached to the bottom of the light so you can’t see the bulbs from underneath. 
We continued drinking our wine and played Settlers underneath the new light.