Bathroom Update

At the beginning of last week our bathroom looked like this:
Obviously, I showered at the gym for most of the week, and Phil got to know a tiny shower in the basement of the building where he works. The problem was that the tile was bowing out from the walls due to a moisture problem. It turned out that the previous DIY-ers had used sheetrock instead of the proper tile backer-board. Thanks guys.

We opted not to DIY this one, so we wouldn’t make a similar mistake. Instead, we called in an expert handyman. And a week later, we had a fresh, new bathroom.

We went with the same classic white that we had before for two main reasons: it goes with everything and it’s inexpensive. We got a new shower head and fixtures to match the sink. And Phil finished the touch up paint just the other night.
Isn’t this bathroom so nice, you’d just love to buy this house?
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    January 31, 2011 | Reply

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