Found: One Patio

The biggest, pie-in-the-sky home project for this summer has been to build a patio off the basement door. Right now, there’s a random pattern (not square, not circular, just randomly placed) of pavers pretending to be a patio in between the sidewalk and the basement door (but not connected to either). Who would build such a thing?
The patio I am was am going to build would be more intelligently designed. It would connect to the back door and be large enough for a table, chairs, and our fire pit.
But for now, I’ve found a patio on the side of our house!
I’m trying to reclaim it from Margo who can often be found sprawled by the door or the gate taking up most of the space. It turns out that any old paved space can be transformed into a patio with a table and chairs from Target, a homemade tablecloth, flowers, stir-fry and a beer!


  1. Maureen says:

    So cute! I love the tablecloth!

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