How to: Cloth Wipe Solution

Along with cloth diapering, it just seemed to make sense to use cloth wipes, too. If you’re washing some gross poopy stuff, why not wash more gross poopy stuff, right? The wipes themselves are mostly squares I cut from baby hooded towels (you know those silly tiny ones you get at baby showers that are too little to keep baby warm after a bath) and also some baby washcloths.
The wipe squares live dry in a bin in our changing table. We squirt them with solution before each use. Here’s how making solution goes.

You need:
1 TBS oil. (I use olive oil.)
1 TBS castille soap (like Dr. Bronner’s. Ours is lavender).
1 cup water (though I never measure, I just fill up the squirt bottle).

One day, I got smart and used my label maker to just print the recipe and stick it to the squirt bottle. Easy. The squirt bottle was a dollar at the Dollar Store.
Pour each ingredient into your squirt bottle. Put the lid on tight. Shake it up!

The oil and water separate out over time, but I just give the bottle a little shake each time before I change a diaper. I love that the solution is natural and I know all the ingredients!

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