Jaye: 11 Months

Jaye, I can’t believe you are almost a year old. You are growing so fast. Last night, I went into your room when you cried in the middle of the night, and you were so huge standing up in your crib. You seemed like such a big kid sitting on my lap for a bottle.
This past month has been a big one in your life, but one you won’t remember. This month, you became a Texan. It’s funny to think that you won’t ever remember any different, won’t remember our first house in Minnesota where you first lived.

Movement: You are starting to walk! This month you took your first step, which quickly became many steps. You mostly just walk between people, going from Momma to Dadda and feeling so proud when you reach our outstretched arms. You’ve started to walk between furniture or different things on your own.  

You love walking. You love to push your wagon or anything else you can. You were pushing a laundry basket around the kitchen last night using it to walk.

Eating: This month we’ve really been focusing on finger foods, and you LOVE to feed yourself. Scrambled egg is one of your favorites. You also love blueberries and barbecue chicken sandwich meat. Dadda gave you a slice of chicken torn up into bites last night and you started to chuckle as you shoved it in as fast as you could.

Playing: You’ve started to enjoy books more. You like to turn the pages back and forth and back and forth. Your favorite book has flaps for you to turn also. 

You also really love your stuffed animals. When you see them, you grin and squeeze them tight. The other night, as Dadda and I were going to bed, we turned on the video baby monitor. Surprise, you were awake and just sitting up talking and squeezing the crap out of your stuffed animals. It was the most adorable thing ever.

Adventures: You visited Oklahoma and had your first 4th of July. No fireworks for you though. You were asleep long before that. You’ve been swimming several times, both in your little wading pool and in a big pool. This week, you spent two days adventuring with Grammy because Momma had migraines.

We love you Jayebug and are so blessed to have you as our daughter!


  1. And we are blessed to have such a beautiful, sweet granddaughter! You have such a keen sense of humor and zest for life. We love loving you and watching you as you grow!