Meetin’ Texas Bloggers!

On Saturday evening, I’ll be rollin’ into Ft. Worth for my first blogger event. When we moved to Texas, I joined a group of Texas Bloggers on Facebook. And will be meeting some of them this weekend!

Ten Things To Know About Me (not at all in order of importance):

1.  I am obsessed with bubble tea. My favorite is a shop called Chatime that opened in the Mall of America shortly before we moved from Minneapolis to Texas. I’ve tried to recreate it myself with only so-so results.

2. Speaking of Minneapolis, this summer we moved from Minneapolis, MN to Richardson, TX. I was born in Oklahoma, spent half my childhood outside of Washington, DC and the other half in Dallas, TX. I went to Minnesota for college and stayed there after meeting my husband. During my first year of law school, we decided we would move to Texas when I graduated. We wanted to raise our family near extended family.

3. I don’t have big Texas hair. Or a drawl. I have short hair that is trying to look funky and messy. My mom doesn’t like it. She thinks women look best with long flowing hair. My hubby thinks it’s sexy. (Smart man). Obviously, I like it. I think it fits my style and personality.

4. I have a tattoo on my right forearm which expresses what I aspire to have as my perspective on the world and others. You have to know me pretty well before I’ll talk about faith or politics in depth. But my faith and my politics are definitely correlated. I’m an Episcopalian. I’m a Democrat. I’m a strong supporter of same-sex marriage.
5. My daughter, Jaye Mississippi (13 mths) is starting her Mother’s Day Out tomorrow. I’m so nervous. She doesn’t typically do well when left at nurseries, etc. Right now I’ve been staying at home with Jaye full-time, which is not something I’d imagined myself doing. 
6. My favorite home project e.v.e.r. is this awesome orange deer lamp. It’s awesome and makes me so happy, and I love it!
7. I love Shiner Ruby Redbird beer. It has Texas ruby red grapefruit and ginger. It’s delicious.
8. I’m looking for some new friends. As I mentioned, we just moved, and I don’t know anyone other than my family and one other couple! It’s really freaking hard to meet new people as a grown-up.
9. I went to law school for free. Thank goodness, because I’m not so sure I actually want to be a lawyer. I’ll take the TX Bar Exam in February regardless though. Sometimes I daydream about being a midwife, doula, or Hypnobabies instructor instead because I feel so strongly about those after Jaye’s birth. Or owning a bubble tea shop. Or owning a cool baby playground where moms would talk and babies would play (no kids over 3 allowed).
10. Most Saturday evenings you can find me playing Settlers of Catan with my husband and another couple. But this Saturday, I’m excited to be meeting real live bloggers at the First Official DFW Texas Bloggers Meet Up.
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