Nursery: The Plan

The current plan for the nursery is really an anti-plan. We won’t have one space dedicated as a nursery. Instead, we’re going to spread it throughout the house. In our bedroom, currently downstairs, we’ll have a portable crib with a bassinet. The desk has moved upstairs and the baby will sleep where the desk is/was.

The changing table/dresser/baby storage will be in the hallway outside of our bedroom. I’ve bolted together some of our Target “itsos” to make them super sturdy. We’ll add a changing pad on top. Baby’s diapers and clothes will be stored in bins in the “itsos.” Here’s what this nook looked like the last time I took a picture of it. It’s not a very recent pictures, but it can serve as the “before” shot.
I’m planning a little art collage for the wall, which has actually been painted tan/khaki. I am making a mobile out of yarn balls like these to hang over the changing table. Picture and how-to for the yarn balls are from here.
And here they are hanging more like a mobile.
(source: my pinterest says spearmint baby, but I can’t find the original link)
Then, we’re planning on rearranging the dining room a bit to make room for the rocking chair I scored at a yard sale and plan to refinish. That way the rocking spot will be near the bedroom. 
I think we’ll move the small buffet/storage piece you can see on the back wall away into the basement. Then we can push the table up against the wall, which is fine since it’s usually just Phil and I perched on one end of it. We could always move it around if we had guests. Pushing the table back should leave space for a rocking chair in the left foreground of this picture.
Upstairs, at the the very back of this picture, is where we built the crib and where I’ll probably hang the Noah’s Ark prints that I love. I think at some point, baby will move to sleeping up here. And we may or may not join her as well. I’ve been debating making some type of curtain to separate this “nursery” from the rest of the large room, but I’m starting to think that it would be too complicated with the sloped ceilings and expensive to be worth the trouble for a house we won’t live in for much longer. 
And finally, the inspiration and mood board for the nursery is actually this one, which I’d originally created in case we were having a boy. You can read the full details here. I’d made a mood board for a girl too, but I just didn’t love it as much. Nothing about the girl nursery idea really inspired me, but the Noah’s Ark prints here do inspire me and I absolutely love them. So I’m still using this mood board even though Baby Schrader is a baby girl. I think I’ll focus on the oranges, light blues, and greens instead of the darker navy blues. 


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