Photoshoot and Photoshop

This post could be alternatively titled, “How to stage a photoshoot at Restoration Hardware.”

For Valentine’s Day, I’d had this very specific image of a photo I wanted of Jaye. Her in her gorgeous pink dress in the perfect romantic chair with just the right feel. It was going to be awesome. The only problem was that I didn’t own any such chair.

But you know where such chairs do exist? In stores. So I dolled Jaye up and headed to the mall. We stopped at Crate and Barrel and Restoration Hardware. The latter had some awesome chairs. And the staff didn’t mind at all that I was taking pictures in their chairs. They just thought Jaye was super cute. The lighting also seemed better at Restoration Hardware.

It was hard to get my subject to sit still and pose with the canvas like she was supposed to. Especially since she was much younger at the time and sitting on slippery leather chairs was much more of a challenge. The prop she’s holding (or sitting next to or generally gumming on) was just a blank white 8×10 canvas from Michaels. What’s brilliant about this idea (in my humble opinion) is that you can use it for any holiday, for any occasion, and you can personalize the same card for multiple people!

Here’s the end result that I sent to Phil. I added the text in Photoshop Elements, but you could use any photo editing program. I made the collage in Picasa, and I sent the final product as a postcard to Phil’s office (for a cute surprise during the day) using the iPhone app Sincerely, Ink. As suggested by the Young House Love blog here, I fiddled with the opacity of the text layer to make it look like it was originally printed on the canvas instead of photoshopped in later.

Then I just changed some of the text and had a more generic card to send to grandparents!

The same idea could work for Father’s Day, which is coming up, or any other holiday. The theme of the picture could change too to reflect the season or backdrop. Has any body else done a fun photoshoot or created a Father’s Day card?

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  1. SO cute Jill! thanks for stopping by! What a cute photo shoot. Just became your newest follower.

  2. Hopeful1 says:

    Adorable! Love this idea! : )

  3. Love it! It will be My husband’s first father’s day with our baby girl. Have to try it. Thanks for sharing! Love for you to follow back 😉 Hosting Mom’s Monday Mingle.


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