Rocking Chair Revamp

The story of this rocking chair began a long time ago. Probably about a year. Once upon a time, a pregnant Jill stopped at a yard sale on a rainy day. She found some cute tiny baby clothes and was going to buy them. Then she also spotted this old gross looking rocking chair. But she only had a $10 bill and the marked prices for all her items was more than that. But never fear, Jill was enrolled in International Negotiation at William Mitchell College of Law at the time. So she put her mad negotiation skills to use, and nabbed all her clothes and the rocking chair for ten bucks total!

The next problem that our lovely heroine encountered was that the rocking chair was gross. Really dirty and gross. After much scrubbing, it was finally ready for sanding. But at this point, our heroine was locked into a tall tower by a dastardly wizard or something and couldn’t get back to the chair for almost a year. Or rather, she had the baby, and winter arrived, and it was freezing in Minnesota, and she finished law school and graduated.

But finally, the chair was sanded and sanded some more. And after much sanding, it was ready for some wood filler on the huge crack in the seat of the chair. And then more sanding. And then finally, the chair was ready for painting.

I used spray paint because I didn’t want brush lines to show. I really wanted the chair to be smooth and sleek in finish, like Jaye’s crib. So I also tried out this Lacquer finish spray paint. I thin the lacquer paint might work on metal or porcelain or something else, but the grain of the chair was just too bumpy and rustic to make a smooth lacuqer finish.

Here’s the chair after the first coat. I think I may have finally figured out about the slow light coats to help prevent dripping. I’m just not very patient. This rocking chair took at least 4 or 5 coats.

There are two awesome phoenixes detailed on the back of the headrest, which is sweet because I love phoenixes and their story.

Finally, Jaye’s rocking chair is finished!

The rocking chair lives upstairs next to the port-a-crib where Jaye sleeps at night. In our new house, it will hopefully fit in her actual bedroom and be a place to read as well as rock to sleep.

Complete with the new pillow and pillow cover I sewed after much trial and error. It’s pretty comfy!

I wish I’d done this a long time ago. Now I can sit and rock Jaye in the middle of the night feedings instead of being on the floor! Has anybody else finally finished a project they started a year ago? Or revamped a garage sale piece of furniture?


  1. it looks wonderful. I love those phoenixes too! It reminds me of Dumbledore’s phoenix in Harry Potter.