Seating Upgrade

We got this brown couch right after we got married. At first we’d picked out a sage green couch with an attached chaise lounge, but it wouldn’t fit even in the freight elevator of our apartment building. So we exchanged it for this brown microfiber guy that had an ottoman instead.
It has served us well. But it doesn’t fit in the style I’ve developed since we got married. So out with the old,


and in with the new. We bought an Ikea Karlstad sofa. The price was right, the style was right, and it came highly recommended as dog and kid proof by John and Sherry of YoungHouseLove. We went with a lighter gray because it brought light to the room and also it has a mix of colors up close to help hide dog hair, etc. So far, we are really loving it.


  1. Oh, this is definitely the sofa we’re getting too! I’m so happy to hear (once again) that it’s kid and pet friendly. Exactly what i”m looking for.

  2. LOVE it!! I am so into the minimalist feel & clean lines!

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