Settlers Weekend

The weekend before last we finally fulfilled a dream we had long dreamt about: an entire weekend getaway devoted solely to playing Settlers of Catan. Along with two other couples, Chris and Laura, and Joe and Kristin, we headed up to a cabin outside of St. Cloud on Friday evening.

Each couple was in charge of two meals, and we sure ate well: enchiladas, chicken pot pie, stromboli, bacon and eggs, and french toast, and lots of pazouki for dessert. 

Of course, we played lots of games of Settlers. 10 total. The final record was: Jill-3, Laura-2, Joe-2, Phil-2, Kristin-1, Chris-0.
 Phil and me

Laura and me

Laura and Chris


  1. Did Phil really win two? If so I need to update the board . . .

  2. I’m not sure. But I know we played 10 games right?


  1. […] out after work to drive to Surfside, TX for our third annual Settlers of Catan weekend. Our first Settlers Weekend (aka, a weekend away devote entirely to playing Settlers of Catan) was February […]

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