HOHOHO! A Santa Figurine Makeover

I found these tacky little porcelain Santa figurines at a thrift shop and decided to give them an uplift. I brought them home, spread them out on a cardboard box in the backyard and gave them a good coat of white spray primer. Then I used a shiny white acrylic paint from Michaels and brushed on two coats. I like the shiny, snowy sheen it gives them. White spray paint would have been faster, but I was working with what I had on hand already. Once they dried, they joined my Christmas tree … [Read more...]

DIY Snow Globe Ornaments

DIY Snow Globe Ornaments tutorial

On Friday while Jaye was at Mother's Day Out, I whipped up a bunch of these adorable, easy diy snow globe ornaments! Or maybe they are more like bell jar ornaments. Either way, they were a fun project and got a good reception at the DFW Blogger Ornament Exchange I took one to. Here's how it went down. 1. I was inspired by these vintage bell jar ornaments, which I, of course, found via Pinterest. So I started gathering supplies. You'll need: plastic wine glasses (from Dollar Tree), poster … [Read more...]

Jaye: Five Months

 I can't believe I'm writing this post already. That my little baby is five months old! This past month with Jaye has been so much fun. She's more interactive every day.  She has started laughing a lot more and at different things. This month she cracked up at Laura's dogs, silly games where you "boop" her nose, tickling, and playing "pounces" on the bed.  She had her first Christmas. Since Christmas, she's really discovered that her hands are excellent "getters" and she uses them to "get" … [Read more...]

Jaye’s First Christmas

Jaye had an awesome first Christmas. Of course, I got home and didn't take nearly as many pictures as I wanted to/should have. Of course, Jaye wasn't really aware of what was going on, but she did seem to like to watch while her presents were opened. The crinkly wrapping paper noise was fun. And she loved the new toys she got. Eating blankets. Eating rice cereal.A little Pooh Bear dress for the Christmas Eve service. Jaye and Pops on Christmas Eve. Opening her stocking. The first present she … [Read more...]

Deck the Halls

We did not put up a Christmas tree this year. *Gasp. Our house is feeling so small and cluttered right now, and the idea of doing the tree seemed stressful. Plus, we'll be in Dallas for 6 days for Christmas itself. Next year we'll go all out decorating, and Jaye will actually be aware of what's happening.But here's what we have done to decorate. I made a Christmas card garland. Easy peasy. String ribbon up. Clothespin the Christmas cards you get to the ribbon. I found tiny red clothespins at a … [Read more...]