Tooth Sighting!

 There it is! … [Read more...]

Jaye, the Camera Hunter

 This is Jaye.  Jaye likes to play.  She spots her prey.  She's on the move.  Anticipation.  Focus.  Excitement.  Determination. Examination. … [Read more...]

First Easter

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I’m Not a Crazy Bow Momma

but I think these little felt rose headbands are pretty adorable on Jaye! I ordered them a few weeks ago from VeryJane, the latest and most dangerous "daily deal" shopping site (I've definitely bought more deals from there than any other site). They came in the mail today, and Jaye agreed to model them if she could chew on the Old Navy flyer in exchange. … [Read more...]

Favorite Picture

Right now, this is absolutely my favorite picture of Jaye. It's so Jaye. … [Read more...]