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Jaye’s October

Dear Jaye, You are currently sitting in your bedroom floor, trying to work the zipper on your sleep sack. I just got you up from your nap. I can hear you breathing, slow and heavy in extreme

Jaye: 11 Months

Jaye, I can’t believe you are almost a year old. You are growing so fast. Last night, I went into your room when you cried in the middle of the night, and you were so huge standing

Jaye in Texas

Jaye’s first week in Texas has been a big one: first standing alone, first steps, first ear infection, first swim, first time living in Texas. The day we left Minneapolis, Jaye stood by herself for a few

Jaye: Ten Months

Picture overload coming up because you were SO adorable during your ten month photoshoot. I’d tried earlier in the day and hadn’t gotten any good pictures, but after a bottle and a nap, you were ready to

Puff Heaven

The other day Jaye got into the container of Puffs. She’d knocked it off the side table and somehow opened it. She sat in a pile of puffs just stuffing them into her mouth. They were stuck