Jaye’s October

Dear Jaye, You are currently sitting in your bedroom floor, trying to work the zipper on your sleep sack. I just got you up from your nap. I can hear you breathing, slow and heavy in extreme concentration. You've been there for about ten minutes now. You are determined, but not frustrated. You seek out challenges. You love balls right now, and "bbbbuh" is the newest addition to your vocabulary. You especially love the NFL sized football, for two reasons. First, it's Daddy's ball. Second, it's … [Read more...]

Jaye: 11 Months

Jaye, I can't believe you are almost a year old. You are growing so fast. Last night, I went into your room when you cried in the middle of the night, and you were so huge standing up in your crib. You seemed like such a big kid sitting on my lap for a bottle. This past month has been a big one in your life, but one you won't remember. This month, you became a Texan. It's funny to think that you won't ever remember any different, won't remember our first house in Minnesota where you first … [Read more...]

Jaye in Texas

Jaye's first week in Texas has been a big one: first standing alone, first steps, first ear infection, first swim, first time living in Texas. The day we left Minneapolis, Jaye stood by herself for a few seconds and even took one tiny (falling forward) step. Every day since, she's gotten better and better. When we arrived at my parents' house, a wagon was waiting for her, specifically the Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon , which I'd ordered from Diapers.com because they had a sweet sale … [Read more...]

Jaye: Ten Months

Picture overload coming up because you were SO adorable during your ten month photoshoot. I'd tried earlier in the day and hadn't gotten any good pictures, but after a bottle and a nap, you were ready to turn on the charm. In some ways, Jaye, this month doesn't seem like such a huge leap from the last month. But then, in other ways, you are seeming bigger and bigger and older and older, and I can't believe you'll be ONE YEAR OLD before the summer is over! Movement: You are pulling up like … [Read more...]

Puff Heaven

The other day Jaye got into the container of Puffs. She'd knocked it off the side table and somehow opened it. She sat in a pile of puffs just stuffing them into her mouth. They were stuck all over her feet and legs. And she was SO happy. … [Read more...]