A Week in May

What have we been up to lately? I definitely owe a family post, so here goes! Last Saturday, after breakfast with Pops, we walked down to the park by Pops' house. After a long time playing, Jaye was hot and thirsty. She clearly needed a treat from the ice cream truck. "Mmmm." On Tuesday, Jaye and I met up with her friend Sam at the Galleria play area. She and Sam sweetly shared their snacks with each other, even though for the most part they didn't interact much. Baby playdates are … [Read more...]

Happy Mama

This week, Jaye has started saying "mama" and I'm so happy. It's so cute to hear her little voice saying real words. And particularly that word. She also knows her own name and can say that, too. Seriously, when did my little baby get so big? … [Read more...]

My Heart Walking Around Outside My Body

At the beginning of September, Jaye started attending a Mother's Day Out once a week at the church across the street from us. Here she is on her first day.¬†She had a little bit of a hard time at first. She would cry when I would first drop her off, but I would just smile and tell her to have a great day and I'd be back soon. Then I'd wait around a little and sneak a peek at her through the window. Usually she'd have calmed down and the teacher would be distracting her by reading her a book. … [Read more...]

Jaye’s Second Word

Jaye's first word was "woof" which shouldn't be surprising given her extreme love for puppy dogs since an early age. And now she knows a second word! Last week, she doubled her vocabulary by learning to say "shoe" which comes out a little bit like "djshoe." Listen closely and you can catch it in this video: It's so incredible to watch her learn so much and so quickly. Just this past weekend, she has started really trying to copy what you are saying. She was making "z" noises after … [Read more...]

Watch Out World

Here comes Jaye! On foot! Walking!Jaye has started taking a few steps in the last week. If you set her out a few feet in front of you, she'll toddle back into your arms. It's pretty much the cutest thing ever. She falls sometimes, but it doesn't seem to bother her. I think 7 or 8 steps is her record. Sometimes she stops and claps for herself. She's always so happy and proud and grins and grins. … [Read more...]