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Freezer Cooking

A few weeks ago, I did a batch of freezer cooking, and it was awesome! I went to the grocery store by myself (!) on a Sunday morning and spent a few hours that afternoon chopping and

A Month of Meals: Low Sodium

Our midwives are awesome. They spend so much time with us at each appointment and care about our health in general. They’ve been taking Phil’s blood pressure as well as mine each time because it tends to

Spring Break

Phil and I returned from Arizona to snowy Minneapolis on Sunday evening. We had a great trip. It was warm and relaxing. We ate a ton and laid by the pool reading or sleeping. Poor Phil had

Meal Planning Monday

Monday: Dinner at Green Mill so we can watch the Vikings game since it’s on ESPN and not “regular tv.”Tuesday: Thai Curry Chicken (with cabbage and a spice/sauce packet I picked up at Cub last week)Wednesday: Chicken salad sandwiches