Master Bathroom Mood Board: Modern Spa-Punk Bathroom

Master Bathroom mood board

We've got one last big project in the works before the big project in my belly arrives. Which is a complicated way to say we are going to gut and remodel our master bathroom before April when we had a newborn to the family. Here's the master bathroom mood board; I'm calling the look a "Modern Science Lab Spa-Punk" Bathroom. The goal is to mix modern spa-like with some more industrial "steampunk" touches to create a bathroom that is a nice start to my day even though it's little. Speaking of … [Read more...]

Cozy Modern Kitchen Moodboard

Blue White Kitchen, Cozy Modern Kitchen, Granada Tile

We are getting ready to embark on our biggest home project to date. That's right, it's time for (*drum roll) THE KITCHEN REMODEL! Today, I'm sharing our new kitchen moodboard and some of the things we have planned. I've named my home design style "Cozy Modern." I like modern style, but I want it to feel cozy. I love rooms with a mix of sleek modern and a more rustic/industrial look with lots of fun color, of course. So that's the general look I'm going for in the kitchen.    More … [Read more...]

Modern Playful Bathroom Reveal

Modern Playful Bathroom, Teal Turquoise Bathroom

We finally got our butts in gear over the past week to finish up the final details of our new bathroom. (We were having a party, so that was just the motivation we needed!) And through a secondary miracle, I took pictures and am finally sharing the reveal of our modern playful bathroom! Or it could be called the teal and turquoise bathroom reveal. Whichever you prefer. But first, to refresh your memory: The pink and dirty and cracked before picture. Oh man. I'd almost forgotten how ugly … [Read more...]

Bathroom Update

bathroom remodel

At the beginning of last week our bathroom looked like this: Obviously, I showered at the gym for most of the week, and Phil got to know a tiny shower in the basement of the building where he works. The problem was that the tile was bowing out from the walls due to a moisture problem. It turned out that the previous DIY-ers had used sheetrock instead of the proper tile backer-board. Thanks guys. We opted not to DIY this one, so we wouldn't make a similar mistake. Instead, we called in an … [Read more...]

How to install (and grout!) self-adhesive vinyl tile

1. Sweep thoroughly.2. Clean your floor really well with soap and water.3. Use a staple gun to secure the edges and any other chipped loose spots.4. Apply an embossing leveler. Mix this up in very small batches. Work quickly to smear a thin layer over the floor. Let dry.5. Determine the center of the room. You want to start laying the tile at the center and work out from there.6. Place (BUT DON'T ADHERE!) tiles from the center to the edges to test it out. You want the last tiles at the edges to … [Read more...]